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We capture the pictures on our film scanner, but lifting audio off 8mm films can be quite tricky. We have several options, including using Heurtier sound projectors. The audio files are then synced up with the picture.

These projectors have survived well. The film transport mechanism remains solid, and the film speed across the audio heads is very steady.  Considering the limitations of the recordings, which are now 50 years old or older, the quality we can achieve is surprisingly good.

HEURTIER P6 – 24 Sound Projector 
(Standard 8, Superb Picture And Audio Fidelity.)

PRICE £250

HEURTIER P6 – 24 Silent Projector
(Standard 8, Superb Picture And Audio Fidelity.)

PRICE £480


Instruction Manual 

PRICE £_.__

Finding 8mm Sound Projectors that work well, don’t chew up the film and provide decent audio is not easy, and this perhaps is another reason to digitise film. Although a premium brand half a century ago, unfortunately, many very old 8mm Eumig projectors now cannot run at a steady speed. Multi-standard projectors sound good in theory but will often make the damaged film worse, particularly if they only move the film with a claw mechanism.

Audio on Super 8 is easy by comparison. The machines are newer, and many have electronic speed control.

The Collection Is Genuinely The Best, But Delivery Is Possible At A Cost. 

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