Instruction Books and Service Manuals

Instruction books can be hard to find, so I hope you find this a useful resource.

This is a copy of the J Series VCR instruction book.

This is a copy of DNW A225P BetaSX instructions.

This is a copy of Digibeta VCR instructions.

In case you have forgotton ….

Blacking/Timecoding a tape on a DVW machine.

Using videotapes that have been blacked and timecoded will make your life much easier. Laying down an uninterrupted black video signal prepares the tape for insert editing.

Timecode format is hour:minute:second:frame. Minutes and seconds range from 0-60 while frames range form 0-25. (PAL)

Route black or colour bars to the VCR. Or use the internal signal generator, item 710 as follows: Select the type of test signal to be output from the VTR’s internal test signal generator. When OFF is selected, test signal is not generated and the VTR operates normally. In the modes other than OFF, keep pressing the lighting INPUT SELECT switch for 3 seconds or more. All the INPUT SELECT switches light and the internal test signal generator operates. The test signal selected by the data 1 through 16 is output from the VTR. This signal can also be recorded.

  1. Set the TC Generator EXT/INT switch to INT (top panel on right, pull whole front out by handles to access)
  2. Set the TC Generator REGEN/PRESET switch: PRESET (next to above)
  3. Set VITC switch to ON (bottom underneath panel, tilt front panel out to access)
  4. In order to set the time code to 00:00:00, use the following buttons below the counter display on the front panel:
    1. Press the TC button – indicator lights
    2. Press the HOLD button – digits flash
    3. Press the RESET button then the SET button
  5. Press the record and play buttons at the same time on the main panel.
  6. I highly recommend that you let it run all the way to the end of the tape unless you’re desperately pressed for time.

Here is the DNW A75/A75P instruction book.

Sony Z1 brief guide.

Sony HVR 1500

Sony PVW 2800

Sony PVW 2800 brochure.

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