Enlarged Transfer Service.

Transferring images on tape to a computer file is becoming harder to achieve given the physical quality of many of the tapes we see. Following our move to bigger premises we have expanded the tape transfer and digitisation service.

One inch video tape recorder.
Very few facilities have a working one inch machine these days.

There are a bewildering number of formats. In addition, they come in various electronic flavours. Regardless of format, we now charge by the time taken to do the job.

Time-base corrector.
We have a good number of gizmos to convert the signal in to whatever you need.

PAL and NTSC are terms you may hear mentioned. They refer to the electronic system used to record the image. Our comprehensive resource can play all broadcast tapes and a good number of domestic formats regardless of the system used.

Hi-8 and S-VHS edit machines.
Our high-end professional machines will get the very best signal from your tape.

Millions of digibeta edit master tapes are to be found in vaults – what if you want a copy? Many older programmes recorded on U-matic tapes are still a very important source of archive material, that’s if the tape will play. Domestic formats will contain priceless personal images. So, there is plenty to keep us busy.

DIgibeta VTR.
It is extremely challenging to keep these machines in good working order. They require constant engineering intervention and that is eye-wateringly expensive.